Walmart Basics

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. 

Walmart Basics

Everybody needs the basics. My basic clothing items are tees, biker shorts, denim, and loungewear. The other day I went to Walmart and found some really good deals on some basics. Walmart has always been my go to for all things basics because of their amazing deals! 

I found this amazing oversize sweatshirt that you can wear with leggings, biker shorts, jeans, etc. I actually size up to size to the extra large for a more oversize fit. But honestly just size up one. These biker shorts are probably my favorite right now. They run true to size and they come as a two pack. Can we say score? I love these black leopard tennis shoes! They are true to size and very comfortable.



I found the best white tee ever! I love the boxy fit! I would suggest sizing up one for more of an  oversize fit.These denim shorts are from scoop and they are true to size.


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