My New Obsession

Thank you Billie for sponsoring this post. 

Ok ladies.... throw away those old razors and purchase the Billie razor! You will thank me a million times over. If you haven't heard of Billie, then here is the run down. 

Have you all heard about the pink tax? It’s the extra amount that women are charged for female specific products compared to gender neutral or men specific products. Can we say... NOT COOL? Well Billie is all about NO PINK TAX! 

Billie is a subscription razor company made just for women. It is $9 for a starter kit!! Repeat $9!!! The starter kit includes, a Billie handle, magnetic holder, and two 5 blade cartridges. They will deliver 4 replacement cartridges when you need them. 

 I recently received my starter kit as well as the shaving cream, lotion, and body wash. I have been using them on the daily. All I can say is I am hooked! After using the razor for a few days, I’ve noticed how smooth my legs are.

Billie razors have 5 sharp blades, encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap. They have rounded edges to help you navigate those curves. Billie is free of toxins and bad additives! Yasss! 

How Do I Order??

You start by picking your razor color, and then how many times a week you shave. This helps Billie know how often you’ll need new razors. I chose the “shave daily” option because my hair grows fast and Billie sends me my razor cartridges monthly! The best part about this subscription is that no matter what choice you choose (shave daily or shave weekly) it's still $9!! Then, there are choices for add-ons. I love the shaving cream and lotion!! 

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I can't express to you guys how much I love this razor. The bar of soap that is around the blades is life and it's only $9 a month + free shipping! What are you waiting for??

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