Major's Room Makeover

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

For about a year now, Major has been begging me to give his room a refresh. I don't think he said that in his own words...but you get my drift! My go to place for kids room decor is definitely Walmart. They always have the best prices and best selections.

Here is Major's room evolution.

And now...

He was so excited about his new bed! This bed has shelves for the headboard and he can put all his little toys and books on it. This bed also has two drawers for extra storage. Major hides all his dirty clothes in there! Here are some cute beds that I found at Walmart


My favorite part of his room makeover is the grey striped lounge bag! You stuff it with blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. Basically you stuff it with items you aren't using. It's the perfect storage piece and it's super comfortable! I also love this peel and stick wallpaper! It was so easy to install. 



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