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Thank you The Farmer’s Dog for sponsoring this post. 

I hate to admit this, but dog food has always been the last thing on my grocery list.I just always assumed all dog food is the same so does it really matter what brand I use? I mean’s dog food right? 

WRONG. After doing some research and finding out some of the ingredients in the dog food I was giving my dogs were potentially harmful, I knew I needed to make a change.  So after A LOT of research I found The Farmer’s Dog, a smarter, healthier dog food. 

The Farmer’s Dog is real food, made fresh, and delivered right to your door. All I had to do was take a short quiz and input my dog's information (breed, weight, age etc). The Farmer’s Dog then created personalized  meal plans, with pre-portioned meals specific to my dogs based on the info I provided. The Farmer’s Dog currently offers turkey, beef, and pork, , and the ingredients for each are listed so there are no secrets!

When our first order arrived (right to our doorstep!!) I was impressed by the personal touches that were included: 

  • A welcome note 
  • A personalized label on each packet of food with my dog’s name + the day it was packed
  • A transition guide explaining how to have a seamless transition to the food 

I was surprised after thawing and putting the food into the dog bowl how little it resembled (the typical burnt brown balls) dog food. It didn’t look like dog food at all… you can actually see and smell the real food,  with ingredients like carrots, kale and sweet potatoes

Both of my dogs devoured the contents of their dog bowl, and literally licked them clean.

P.J, who is notorious for being picky about eating, had no shame as he pushed his empty dog bowl all over the house, making sure he got every last morsel! I have also noticed that The Farmer’s Dog has helped me with portion control. The label on the packet of food let’s me know how much food per day my dogs should eat. I’ve noticed that my 10 year old pup has had an increase in energy and her coat appears shinier. 

I am very pleased with the transition to The Farmers Dog, and I’m certain P.J and Jovi are too! Click HERE to get 60% off your first order and try it for yourself. I highly recommend it! Your dogs will thank you! 


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