EV1 Spring Collection Review


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E V 1   S P R I N G   C O L L E C T I O N   
R E V I E W 

 Ellen DeGeneres is by far my favorite person ever and I was super excited to see her spring collection at Walmart. Her collection is for EVERYONE hence the name EV1. She promotes love and kindness through the clothing. The best part about her collection is the prices! They range from $8-$30 and the quality of the clothes is amazing!! Her spring collection includes tops & tees, denim (jeans, shorts, skirts, dress, jackets), active wear (sport bras, leggings, zip up hoodies, and sweatshirts), socks & shoes, and tote bags. Lets get started with my favorites from her new collection. 

Can we talk about these leggings for a second? First and foremost they are super comfortable! Second, they are camo! I love the added detail of the white stripe and chevron lines. These are the perfect for moms on the go and workout leggings. They are true to size and I am wearing a medium. They feel like spanx but aren't as tight. Basically what I am saying is that they are more comfortable. The price is $18. 


S H O P  L E G G I N G S 




 I love me a good hoodie and this one is so comfy! I could wear it all day! It is true to size and I am wearing a medium. This hoodie can be paired with almost everything in her collection. 


S H O P  H O O D I E S


What does Ellen wear every day? Sneakers!!! These sneakers are THE BEST! They are so comfortable. I have been wearing them every day for a good week. They are true to size and I am a 8 1/2. They come in 3 colors. Shop the shoes below.

S H O P  S H O E S


I feel like I am going to the Hamptons in this outfit. This chambray top is so light and comfortable. It is true to size and I am wearing a medium. 

S H O P  T O P S



I love these straight leg Maddie white jeans! They are so comfortable and the best part is that they are not see through! They are true to size and I am wearing a size 6. 

S H O P  B O T T O M S 



This camo skirt is so fun! It is the perfect length. Its not too short and not too long. It is true to size and I am wearing a size 6. So many tops would look great with this skirt. 

S H O P   O U T F I T 


M O R E   E V 1  



F I N A L   T H O U G H T S

I am super impressed with EV1 collection by Ellen Degeneres at Walmart! Everything is comfortable and fits really well! I am also loving the prices! I think my favorites from her collection are the camo leggings and sneakers! Let me know in the comment section what your favorites are! Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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