DHC Double Cleanse Review

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As a teenager, my skin would break out with acne once a month. I am now 34 years old, and I still have random breakouts. I have tried almost everything. DHC asked me to try the Purifying Cleanse which includes the Deep Cleansing Oil and liquid Face Wash. The deep cleansing oil with the liquid face wash energizes with rosemary leaf oil and hydrates your skin with virgin olive oil, while dissolving impurities. FYI: DHC is having a friends and family sale for 20% off site wide! 

S H O P 


 Have you heard of Double Cleansing??

I haven't until now. Japanese women centuries ago, craved the "pure white complexions" inspired by Geisha. To remove the white make up they would use emollient oils followed by a foaming cleanser, nourishing and hydrating their skin. Centuries later, this time-tested ritual double cleansing continues to be a cornerstone for glowing, healthy skin in Japan and all over the world.

The first thing I did was use the Deep Cleansing Oil without water and massaged it into my skin. It basically takes all your make up off. This stuff REALLY removes all of your makeup easily! I then washed it off with lukewarm water. Immediately after I washed my face with the liquid face wash, I dried my face and instantly felt a difference. My face felt more clean than ever and the oil made my skin so soft. I have been using both of the DHC double cleansing products twice a day for 10 days now.

Here is my before and after photo. 

I still have redness, but it has helped so much! Your face feels squeaky clean! I would say this double cleansing works! 

S H O P   M Y   D H C   F A V S 


 I am so happy i found products that actually work. My skin has never looked this good, I noticed I'm not wearing much make up lately too. I normally wear A LOT of make up to conceal problem areas on my face. It feels good to feel confident now! 

My Final Review...

I LOVE IT and good news DHC is having a friends and family sale for 20% off site wide. This is the time to get all the skincare goodies. Thank you DHC for sponsoring this post. 


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